Norwich Pubs and Breweries Finder

Woolpack sign with Bullards landlordWe have indexed most (but not all) of the Norwich pubs and breweries from the 1884 Ordnance Survey Norwich map. More recent pubs have been included if they are still open. By searching on a SINGLE key word (e.g. for Black Prince type either Black OR Prince )it should be possible to find the location you seek. The key word can be specific to a pub, brewery or location. Alternative names are also indexed.

NB The names used are from 1884 with a few additions. Also the location may have changed slightly and the premises size altered over the last 130 years.

The names of pubs form an important part of our social history. Many reflect important events or people often using heraldry to proclaim the "Arms" of a well known family. Others state that a trade or craft has adopted a particulat hostelry, while many more refer to their locality or nearby sites such as markets.